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As my principal source of inspiration, the infinite emotions that colour evokes and the language it communicates fascinates me.

My glass experience extends from childhood. With my mum trained in stained glass and vitreous enamels, many visual memories incorporate coloured light transmission and glossy rich surfaces.

I trained in Public Art, large-scale drawing, painting and all 3-D disciplines specializing in ceramics and glass. Many years were spent experimenting with kilns, recording results and building a portfolio of techniques until the required effect was achieved.

Frustrated by the lack of vivid colour in ceramic glazes I fused glass with clay creating surprising results from the incompatibilities and temperature change. Eventually I kiln-formed glass only, preferring the graphic quality and luminosity.

Most studio time is spent perfecting colour sequence and balance. The energy and rhythm of a palette becomes all intriguing. Precious metallic coatings and leaf are used to show hidden depth.

My suspended installations weave colour with mesmerizing effect creating diluted wall reflections. They hang with a sense of fragility, the slight movement adding ethereal quality.

Each artwork is developed considering its relationship with the space, displaying continuity or contrast. Some installations are wall fixed, some suspended, some sculptural. Both small and large scale, all are intended as an uplifting focus.